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                             Very Rare late 1958 or early 1959 T.H.Bergmann

                                                  Symphonie 80 Juke Box


 please read the terms and conditions below,placing a bid will indicate the bidders acceptance of these terms

We are very pleased to be able to offer this rare T.H.Bergmann Symphonie 80 (Stereo)for auction on behalf of the current owner. The auction will run until 20.00 (8PM) on the 10th March 2019 , any bids received after that time and date will not be accepted. This web site has the right to decline any bid but will not do so unless we feel there is good reason to do so,all decisions on all aspects of the auction will be made by the web site and will be final.

Bids are to be made to this web site through the link below or the contact page on this site in increments of £10.

Anyone is eligible to bid if they have registered with the site supplying their name, address ,and email (which we will not pass on to anyone without permission) and paying a nominal fee of £2 by donation on the home page.(this is a one time life membership payment)


The site will have no part to play in the auction nor charge buyers any commission . We will only collate the bids updating the current situation and ,at the end, pass the winning bidders information to the seller and the sellers information to the buyer with their permission . The rest will be up to them,all payment matters are between the buyer and seller this site has no part in any financial transactions. Bidders who have registered will be given a registration number known only to them and us at this site ,this number must accompany any bid to be a valid bid (if you are a registered member and have lost your reg number contact as and we will send you a new number).The site will not be  responsible for bids not getting through to the site,or any information given about the item,all bids will be timed by the email time stamp. If your bid is not confirmed by us within 6 hours contact conformation  service will cease at 14.00(2PM) on 10th March 2019. Once a bid is deemed valid it will be entered on the auction page with its date and time stamp. The winning bid will be displayed with its date and time stamp as soon after the end of the auction as the bid can be validated .

All information and photos of the item are supplied by the seller and are their responsibility , all questions asked will be sent to the seller and replies relayed to the potential buyer by this site. Our intention is to respect the privacy of all parties. Please remember    you MUST be  registered  to bid

                                             T.H.Bergmann Symphonie 80(Stereo) juke box

                                Auction:-  Now over


                    LOOKING FOR A START OF BID  £150.00  

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. This Juke box is complete and in good physical condition but although working when stored some years ago is NOT working at present,hence the very low start price. It is the rare light up Symphonie 80 Stereo model which came out in 1959 although the makers stamp suggests it was made in 1958. Made in Hamburg,Germany by the well known T.H.Bergmann slot machine and Juke box company many of these were made for the UK market and this 220V model seems to have been one of these UK machines. The machine is situated in Essex and shipping/collection can be organised by the potential buyer and the seller during or after the auction.

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